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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Intelligent Design OR Looking for God in all the 'Right' Places

Einstein: God does not play dice with the universeEditors Note: Perhaps all the flak over the president's comments is due to the words "intelligent design" and "Bush" being used in the same sentence?
Hell, if you can't see it, and if you can't measure it then it ain't there. Everybody knows that.

We teach our kids real scientific theory not faith, so there's no way that 'Intelligent Design' claptrap is gonna be taught in our schools. Hell, no.

We teach our kids about real stuff that has been proven under strict scientific conditions and stood the test of time.

I doesn't matter to me that most theories are replaced every few years. At least it's done by real science.

After all, we teach our kids about important things like the big-bang theory and gravity and such.

What's that you say? Gravity is an unseen force? Ok, I admit we can't see gravity but we can still feel it's effects. Right? And just because we can't see it don't mean it ain't there.

Ok wait a sec. I think I see where you're going with this so stop messin' with my head. The next thing you're probably gonna tell me is the big-bang never really happened.

Excuse me? Who lit the fuse? Well, just because we don't know who started it don't mean it didn't happen. It was probably that great cosmic arsonist in the sky or something.

I mean... say again? What is the universe expanding into? Talk about an exercise in semantics. No way I'm going there bud.

Ok, maybe I see your point. Come to think of it, scientific theory is kinda like faith. Both take a little bit of "faith" to believe in.

But then again, I never was much of a gambler. May the force be with you.

*Editor's other Note: For the benefit of those who did not get it, this post is a tongue-in-cheek work of satire. Thank you, and this has been a public service announcement.
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3 Comments: 'It's your turn to toss the ball'...

At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Sam said...

This is a brilliant piece of work!

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At 10:59 AM, Anonymous don said...

A nice bit of satire.

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At 12:18 PM, Anonymous joe said...

I have to agree to certain point. There is an element of "faith" when it comes to science.

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