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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Self-Help Suicide Bomb Kit

Bad Karma. For all the west's boasting about superior technology, here is an example of how Bill Gate's mission to "put a computer on every desktop" is enabling terrorists to perfect their simple but deadly craft.

How best to blow up people on a bus - the chilling video circulating on terrorist websites:

A DIY video showing how to make a "suicide-belt" bomb for use on a crowded bus is being circulated among terrorist websites.

The 26-minute tape gives a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to pack the belt with shrapnel and high explosive, and then detonate it on board for maximum loss of life.

In a grim reminder of the blast that devastated the Number 30 in London's Tavistock Place on Thursday, the film's final section shows the device being blown up in a specially arranged "test site", with rows of metal targets designed to simulate passengers on a bus. A voice-over explains exactly where the would-be bomber should sit on the vehicle in order to maximise the blast. A second test-bombing shows how the same bomb will impact on a crowd of people in a street.

The film, a copy of which has been obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, is among a wide range of terrorism training manuals available on internet message boards dedicated to supporting Islamic terrorism.

Little is known about the film's origins, although it is thought to have been shot in the Palestinian territories, where Arab militants have frequently used suicide belts in attacks on Israeli citizens.

It has slick production values that give it the feeling of a corporate video.

As music plays in the background, a voice in Arabic explains, Blue Peter-style, how to manufacture the belt with the help of household items such as glue and Scotch tape.

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