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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Iran says: Who needs Nukes?

All it takes is just One Nutbar at a Time:

According to Iranian officials, 40,000 trained suicide bombers are ready for action to hit British and American targets if the nation’s nuclear sites are attacked.
The main force, named the Special Unit of Martyr Seekers in the Revolutionary Guards, was first seen last month when members marched in a military parade, dressed in olive-green uniforms with explosive packs around their waists and detonators held high.
No wonder they can afford to be so arrogant.

Who's Your Preferred Victim?

At a recruiting station in Tehran recently, volunteers for the force had to show their birth certificates, give proof of their address and tick a box stating whether they would prefer to attack American targets in Iraq or Israeli targets.

Despite reports to the contrary as "fantasyland", leaked reports dating from February this year, confirms that President George W Bush is preparing to strike Iran. “If the problem is not resolved in some way, he intends to act before leaving office because it would be ‘unfair’ to leave the task of destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities to a new president,” the document says.
You can read more about it at Timesonline...

In the meantime, the Pentagon Preps for Iran:

As early as 2003, even as U.S. forces were on the brink of war with Iraq, the Army had already begun conducting an analysis for a full-scale war with Iran. The analysis, called TIRANNT, for "theater Iran near term," was coupled with a mock scenario for a Marine Corps invasion and a simulation of the Iranian missile force. U.S. and British planners conducted a Caspian Sea war game around the same time. And Bush directed the U.S. Strategic Command to draw up a global strike war plan for an attack against Iranian weapons of mass de struction. All of this will ultimately feed into a new war plan for "major combat operations" against Iran that military sources confirm now exists in draft form.
More reading at the Washington Post...

So where does North Korea fit in the big picture? Well at least they're talking (for now).

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links for 2006-04-15 CNN asks: What Happened? I...

Who's Sick of Party Politics?

CNN asks: What Happened?

links for 2006-04-12 Iran goes Nuclear What arr...

Iran goes Nuclear

Campaign Trails Click with Online Technology

links for 2006-03-27 Musings of a non-partisan C...

Sorry you haven't heard from me lately

Improved RSS Newsfeeds

Outlawing Religiously Offensive Cartoons

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